On the one hand supervision of a case review serves as a reflection of therapeutic processes in the sense of a casuistics for psychotherapists and other helping professions; on the other hand supervision encourages reflection on one´s own professional activity, works through existing conflicts in the cooperation with staff and colleagues or bosses, helps one to clarify one´s professional role and cope with any upcoming changes. Supervision enables reflection on everyday professional life and on the specific organisational structures of the work-place, thus increasing the professional competence of one´s work.
I offer supervision for individuals and groups.

The Team supervision variant:
Team supervision serves to understand the dynamic of a team and its role structure, to discover and reduce possible blockades in the cooperation between its members, thus making the working climate more satisfactory, improving working capacity and in certain cases enabling a simultaneous reflection of the organisational context (see Group dynamics).

This form of supervision can be combined with case reviews in the team, if expressly agreed upon by all.