There may be a considerable variety of reasons why couples seek counselling. Many expect help in an directly expressed conflict or formulate conscious goals that they wish to attain together. Some come because they can find no way to go on but are hoping for a more conscious and constructive interaction with each other. Others, yet again, have become alienated from each other, are disappointed, hurt, frustrated, feel stuck in a rut, are locked in a stalemate or in power struggles, are battling with a problem of infidelity, feel the relationship to be a restrictive corset and frozen in routine, do not feel able to keep their love alive, miss the sensuality of their early days, have the feeling of being sucked dry, oppressed, blackmailed or manipulated by recrimination in their relationship, regard the relationship as practically failed, have even considered a separation - and want some support with these problems.

I understand a couple´s relationship as a challenge to their growth as individuals and together. This growth is accompanied by self-reliance, respect for the other´s peculiarities, capacity for both conflict and compromise, balance of autonomy and independence, also by being prepared for communication, emotional openness and authenticity, all things which make understanding, empathy, intimacy, forgivingness and humorous tolerance possible in a mutually profitable enrichment.

Couple-counselling is concerned with these and other related questions and conflicts. The basis of my work with couples is the psycho-dynamic understanding of the conflict situation (partly derived from Jürg Willi´s differentiated concept of collusion), the family-dynamics aspect with a multigenerational perspective and a scrutiny of the couple´s specific communication structure. My work utilises a wide range of resources to liberate the couples´ potentials, often seemingly dispersed, and use them for the development and improval of their ability to maintain a relationship.

I offer couple-counselling
for single couples and groups of couples.

couplesPROject is a workshop for couples interested in understanding the dynamic pattern of their relationship better and interacting more consciously.

It is a group experience, structured and enlivened by role games, fantasy trips, assignments, questionnaires and other methods, which usually covers 10 sessions of 2 hours each on 2 weekends.