About my Work

The decisive factor in my professional background is psychoanalysis, which has provided essential stimuli for my work in various fields. Having been active for many years as a psychoanalyst in an independent practice and as a training and supervisory analyst of the German and International Psychoanalytical Associations (DPV/IPA), I re-aligned the priorities of my work after several years spent abroad and I am now primarily active as a leader of Balint Groups and self-experience groups, as supervisor, coach, couples counsellor, group dynamics trainer and to a more limited extent psychotherapist.

My overall aim, within a cooperative dialogue with the client, is to open up and preserve a space in which intuitive, emotional and intellectual resonances are able to develop as freely, directly and vividly as possible. Qualities like the interest in self-reflektion, self-assurance, the courage to imagine, concern for life, immediacy, sense of responsibility, humour, curiosity about new experiences and the pleasure taken in new challenges and ways of seeing - all these are mobilised, re-affirmed and consolidated. The new energies and insights that grow from this process can thus, in an atmosphere of mutual esteem and loyalty, be made fruitful for the understanding, revaluation, handling and solution of the questions and problems that arise in both individual and institutional situations.

My way of working, orientated as it is towards psychodynamic structures and inner resources, applies methods from various fields in order to be able to react adequately to the ongoing situation in a given case. Energy and gestalt work, exercises to promote relaxation and auto-suggestion etc. are also integrated into the process where I believe them to be necessary. My work is of course at all times subject to the rule of complete confidentiality.

My clientele includes individual persons and couples seeking counsel, psychotherapists, physicians, supervisors, social workers and pedagogues, mediators, artists, lawyers and judges involved in family law, theologians and those in managerial positions both in the non-profit sector and in business.

Further aspects of my work are the seminar concept TRUE BODY ® - the goal of which is the acquisition of an inwardly well-founded body feeling and awareness in the interest of the reinforcement of emotional balance and the couplesPROject workshop.